Zara Tindall changed her daughter's name at the last minute

Credit: Max Mumby / Indigo - Getty Images
By Cosmopolitan
Zara Tindall may not have a title herself, but she is still a member of the royal family. When the Queen's eldest granddaughter had children of her own, she knew the world would be looking at her - and the names she chose.
Zara and her husband, rugby player Mike Tindall, welcomed their first daughter in January 2014 and named her Mia Grace Tindall. So far, so easy. But when the couple's second daughter came in June 2018, choosing a name wasn't that easy. Zara and Mike finally chose "Lena" as their child's first name - Lena Elizabeth Tindall to honor her great-grandmother, the Queen - but that wasn't always the plan.
As Zara already explained to the telegraph in 2018, shortly before Lena's birth, they discovered that the name they had originally chosen was not ... ideal. "I liked the name Elena, but I didn't want her initials to be 'ET', so she is Lena," the young mother revealed.
Didn't you want your daughter's initials to match those of an adorable alien from an eighties movie? To be fair, who knows if kids growing up today know what E.T. is ...
Credit: Max Mumby / Indigo - Getty Images
The name Lena, which is actually pronounced Lay-na, is of Greek origin and means "bright" according to the baby name site Bounty. Elena, on the other hand, is of French origin, but has a very similar meaning: "light, torch, bright".
The good thing is that Zara and Mike made the decision to change names before Lena was born. However, if they had changed them upon arrival, they would not be the only royals who would. Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and King George VI. Are all royals who don't (or don't) have their real names. Well, everyone for himself ...
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