ZR48 Corvette Boat Outruns The Cops

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Look at that thing!
We don't normally cover boats on Motorious as we are all about collector's cars, both classic and modern. However, when we came across this 2,700 hp ZR48 Corvette boat we had to make an exception. It's long, slick, and probably what Batman would use on the open water, especially considering, as you'll see in the video, it can easily escape the police.
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In the included video, the owner of this boat walks around until the US Coast Guard apparently comes to the conclusion that he is reckless. They chase when he hits it, the Corvette races off, gaping them slightly by an embarrassing distance.
The secret to the amazing performance of this ZR48 Corvette boat is the twin Mercury Racing Twin Turbo marine engines that it houses. Each of these engines has an output of 1,350 hp, which in itself would be astonishing. However, when you put them together, they can really make the boat move.
Helpful is the fact that this Corvette boat doesn't weigh much. The hull is made of carbon fiber, a material known for its light weight but can also be incredibly strong. With the way this ship moves on the water, it probably needs all the rigidity it can get.
As if that wasn't cool enough, the boat apparently still has a whole interior. On board there is an 8.00 watt stereo system for parties on the open water, air conditioning, a TV screen with Apple TV connection and even a portable WiFi hotspot so you can stream what you want.
Some people say this Corvette boat looks like it was inspired by Darth Vader. We can see that in the front part of the cockpit. However, the stern is definitely a reference to the Vette with 4 round taillights and the badge of crossed flags.
Check out the video, but watch out, it's super shaky, that's pretty annoying (attention: language).
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